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Attend Anywhere

If suitable, we may offer you a video appointment via the ‘Attend Anywhere’ service. Our aim is to offer convenient appointments using a secure and easy to use system. 

The process.

Step 1

Visit our website and click on the applicable waiting room (found at the bottom of this page) when it is time for your appointment.

Step 2

You must provide some personal information such as your date of birth and telephone number to confirm your identity.

Step 3

When you click 'start call', you will enter the virtual waiting room. Once the person you are meeting is ready, they will appear on screen.

What will I need?

To attend your video appointment, you'll need:

  • a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with a microphone and a camera
  • WiFi or 4G internet access
  • a web browser (such as Chrome or Safari)
  • a private, quiet place where you can speak and listen
  • to use a ‘test call’ before your appointment, to check your connection, camera, speaker and microphone

Additional Support

Please read the set up guidance from Attend Anywhere prior to your appointment. The trouble shooting guide will provide extra help should you need it.

Video appointment waiting rooms

Lightbulb Reception Room

HSC Assessment Room

Hospital Housing Assessment Area

Drop In Waiting Room*

DFG Assessment Room

*No appointment necessary for the Drop In Waiting Room.