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Home Support Grant

The Home Support Grant is a new grant scheme from Local Authorities helping applicants to remain independent in their home. Applicants who meet the income criteria and have savings of under £6,000 can apply for support to help with their home environment, security warmth and affordability and personal safety.

With grants of up to £5,000 available per household, residents will be able to access practical housing support that makes a positive impact on people’s lives and the local health economy.

Home Support Grant Image

What type of work is covered?

The grant can support a number of necessary needs, including:

Supplying a cooker to a resident to help them own meals.

Automatic flush for a toilet.

Installation of basic central heating or replacement where the existing system is inadequate.

Window replacements.

Works to access paths or steps at the front or rear of the property to ensure safer access.

Installation of external security lights.

Installing additional locks and spy holes.

Installation of additional lighting to enable safer passage around the home.

Energy-efficient works such as loft insulation or insulation of hot water tanks and pipes.

Initial costs for a lifeline system or similar, not including ongoing costs.

Replacing failed or dangerous electrical wiring or gas piping.

Who can apply?

Apply for a Home Support Grant

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